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  • BibleFeed Project: Consuming a SOAP web service

    This is the third post in the BibleFeed Project. If you haven’t already, read the first and second posts. In my last post I stated the difficulty I was having finding a python library to handle the SOAP web service which I’ll be using to get the data for this project. I gave up on […]

  • BibleFeed Project: Creating the models

    This is the second post relating to the BibleFeed Project. If you haven’t yet, you may want to read the first post. As with most applications, this one needs to store data. To store data in a django project, I need to first create models representing the data. While I’m sure that the following will […]

  • Introducing the BibleFeed project

    I’m definitely a creature of habit. I often tell myself I need to read the bible more, so I could actually know something about my faith. I haven’t been doing this because it has been difficult I never bothered to put it into my routine. I figure if I can integrate the bible with something […]