Author: Peter

  • What to do when Chrome mysteriously crashes the server

    This is largely a note to myself, to find later. This has already happened to me several times and I forget how to resolve this every time. The problem is that after some type of system update of one kind or another, Chrome will start causing the server to crash. This sometimes happens immediately […]

  • Anki 2.0, Esperanto, and GitHub

    Recently, I had become aware that Anki 2.0 was in beta through my friend Tom, who is working on making some changes to the MCD Support plugin so that it supports languages like Spanish as well as it does Japanese. Despite this awareness, it never crossed my mind that I might need to update the […]

  • Verifying that an MP3 File is valid in Python

    This post is a result of many attempts at trying to find an existing solution, deciding that nothing did what I needed, and writing the code myself. Specifically, I wanted to be able to verify whether or not that a file is a valid MP3 file from Python. I did not want any dependency on […]

  • Esperanto Support Plugin for Anki

    So I decided to learn Esperanto, which as an avid user of the SRS application Anki, meant I needed to either enter Esperanto’s special characters (ĉ, ĝ, Ä¥, ĵ, ŝ, Å­) into my flash cards, which can’t easily be typed with the US International keyboard layout, or I could deal with the ugly “x method” […]

  • Foreign Language Audio on Demand at

    So aside from my day job and my family, I’ve been keeping myself busy since December working on a project with my friend Thomas that we’ve released to the public just a few weeks ago. That project is RhinoSpike, a web site where people can submit text in a foreign language to be read aloud […]